How to Maintain Your National Certification

First, log in to your National Registry account and select the role “My Certification.”


Update Profile:

Ensure your mailing address and email are current.
  • Email will be used for all status updates for your recertification application. 

Manage Affiliations:

For “Active status,” please check that your agency affiliation is correct. If you are not
affiliated with an agency, you will be renewed “Inactive.”
  • Remove any old agency affiliations
  • Follow up with your Medical Director or Training Officer to ensure your affiliation requests are approved.

View Transcript:

  • Check your professional transcript for any education entered by your Training Officer
  • Check for any CAPCE education that is available to import from “CAPCE Import function.”
  • Gather all Continuing Education documentation.
    • Having scanned or digital copies makes this easier to upload. 

Add Courses:

Add all education needed for your application to your transcript. 

Manage Your Education:

Assign the education on your transcript to the National, Local and Individual sections.
  • All sections must be complete to recertify.
  • All topics and subtopics for the National section must be met.
  • Local is set by your state/local EMS authority; if they do not have any requirements this can be any EMS, patient care related education.
  • Individual can be any EMS, patient care related education. 

Recertification Application:

  • Complete the sections by clicking the red “Start” button.
  • Once all the sections are complete, you can click “Submit Application.”
  • Your application is not submitted until you click “Submit Application.”

Check Your Status:

Log in to your account and monitor the progress of your application until a new expiration date appears. Applications sometimes need further actions due to:
  • Being selected for a random audit
  • Marked incomplete and returned to you to make changes
  • Pending Training Officer and/or Medical Director verifications.

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