New Certification Examination For Paramedics and AEMTs Launches July 1, 2024

October 06, 2023
New Certification Examination For Paramedics and AEMTs Launches July 1, 2024

For more than a year the National Registry of EMTs has been communicating the planned transition from the current psychomotor examination to the new AEMT and Paramedic Certification Examinations. Our priority has been to provide this information early and transparently to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.  
Based on your feedback, and ongoing conversations with our accreditor, National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), we are making the following update to the transition plan. The last day that the psychomotor examination will be administered will be June 30, 2024. Beginning on July 1, 2024, and continuing on from that date, every Paramedic and AEMT examination conducted will be the AEMT and Paramedic Certification Examinations.

Note: BLS (EMR and EMT) examinations will remain the same at this time.

This change is in direct response to the feedback we have received from the EMS community. We have heard that you wanted an easier process for the Advanced Life Support (ALS) examination, and this change does just that by moving to one exam on one date. It also brings our Paramedic and AEMT examinations in line with most other health-based professions, which have made similar updates in recent years, and matches the best research and science that’s currently available.  
We believe this change will simplify the examination process for AEMTs and Paramedics, removing much of the potential confusion we’ve heard. To be clear, we will continue to ensure the existing psychomotor examination remains available and accessible for any candidate throughout the transition period. However, as of July 1, 2024, there will be one examination and one consistent process for everyone seeking this certification.  
We appreciate your patience and your feedback letting us know we needed to do a better job clearly articulating this period of change. We will continue to keep you updated and will be posting the most current information here on our website at and to social media channels. 
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