REPLICA meets Goal. Interstate Compact becomes official!

May 08, 2017
REPLICA meets Goal. Interstate Compact becomes official!
May 8, 2017 (Columbus, OH) With the 10th member state enactment, the Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) has become official. Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia signed Senate Bill 109 on today activating the nation’s first EMS licensure compact. States that have passed REPLICA to date include: Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Idaho, Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming and Georgia.

Released in 2014, REPLICA’s model legislation creates a formal pathway for the licensed individual to provide pre-hospital care across state lines under authorized circumstances. According to Keith Wages, president of the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO), “REPLICA represents a collective, nationwide effort to address the problems faced by responders when needing to cross state borders in the line of their duties.” Wages highlighted the compact’s abilities to “increase access to healthcare, reduce regulatory barriers for EMS responders, and place an umbrella of quality over cross border practice not previously seen in the EMS profession.” Wages also noted that the partnership with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) has been essential during the advocacy and implementation phases. “We are grateful for their continued support and contributions.”

Through funding provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), NASEMSO led 23 EMS, fire, law enforcement organizations and associations as well as key federal partners in the design and drafting of REPLICA. The National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) currently provides funding to finalize the development of the Commission.

The compact calls for establishment of an Interstate Commission with each state that has passed REPLICA holding a seat, as well as a national EMS personnel coordinated database. Member states will be able to rapidly share personnel licensure information, develop policy focused only on cross border EMS practice, and hold EMS personnel originating in other states accountable in an unprecedented way. The National Registry of EMT’s (NREMT) has committed to the development and hosting of the coordinated database.

Twelve national associations and organizations support REPLICA. Three states have REPLICA bills under consideration in their legislative sessions. Learn more about replica here

Colorado – Georgia - Idaho – Kansas - Mississippi -Tennessee - Texas - Utah – Virginia - Wyoming


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