Governmental Authorized Agency

 Agencies who have employees who in the course of normal job activities may be required to provide emergency medical care and the agency functions in a multi-state environment, or on non-federal land. These providers do not generally transport patients as part of their primary care. Their system of care does not fit within the usual models of state EMS licensure.

The Governmental Agency must show valid documentation of the following to the Standards and Examination Committee of the Board of Directors in order to be considered for this designation:
  1. State Director Equivalent – Assigned agent, responsible for overall system.
  2. State Training Coordinator/Credentialing Equivalent Agent – responsible for approval of education programs, has oversight and experience in approving education programs to validate they meet or exceed national EMS education standards. Any paramedic education program authorized by the State Director Equivalent and be accredited by CAAHEP. Validates recertification education for certified providers, approves the system of agents that sign recertification applications
  3. State EMS Medical Director Equivalent – Has medical oversight, assures providers are educated to the minimal competency levels of care outlined in the National EMS Scope of Practice Model, oversees medical quality assurance and reports disciplinary actions taken against providers to the certification agency.
  4. Disciplinary Policy – has a method in which incompetent acts or criminal convictions that result in removal of the ability to practice are reported to the certification agency.
  5. Patient Safety Program – Utilizes patient care reports to document care.
All requests for recognition as Authorizing Agency will be provided to currently known State EMS Licensing Agencies prior to National Registry recognition. Download a PDF of this policy.