During the April 2023 Board Committee Meetings, the National Registry Board of Directors provided updates on Policies and Procedures Related to the ALS Redesign and Implementation Date of the ALS Redesign.

Transparency, collaboration and stakeholder input are essential to the National Registry. As such, the National Registry now provides a 60-day stakeholder comment period to comment on the resolutions. The comment period will end on June 26, 2023

23-Resolution-05: Policies and procedures related to the ALS Redesign Project 
23-Resolution-05 permits the National Registry of EMTs to update policies and procedures related to the ALS Redesign Project to maintain best practices in certification and maintain compliance with NCCA accreditation standards and Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.  

The redesigned ALS examination will replace the existing psychomotor and cognitive examination with one comprehensive computer-based examination. The format, method, and delivery of the examination measures a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities for EMS prehospital care. 

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23-Resolution-06: Implementation date of the redesigned ALS examination  
23-Resolution-06 permits the National Registry of EMTs to proceed with the implementation of the redesigned Advanced Life Support (ALS) examination for AEMT and Paramedic certification levels, starting on July 1, 2024. Additionally, it mandates the sunset of the Psychomotor examination by July 1, 2025.  

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