Any candidate who questions the accuracy of the cognitive examination results may request that his/her examination be reviewed by the National Registry. Requests must be made in writing within thirty (30) days of the notification of examination result and must be accompanied by a check or money order for the appropriate fee to cover the processing and handling of the review. Send request and payment to:

P.O. BOX 772000
Detroit, MI 48277-2000.

The review fee is refunded in the unlikely event that an error is discovered. The review will take place within thirty (30) days of the payment being processed. You will receive a report after the requested review is completed.
There are two types of review: A CBT Exam Scoring Confirmation Report and an Item-by-Item Review.

CBT Exam Scoring Confirmation Report

The CBT Exam Scoring Confirmation Report includes the following information about your exam:
  • Total time used for the exam
  • Minimum and maximum time on scored items
  • Total number of items delivered
  • Number of items correct
  • Number of items incorrect
  • Number of un-scored items (Includes Pilot Items, Non-Disclosure Statement, etc.)
  • A summary of the percent correct and incorrect by the time spent on items
  • Verification of the performance (above passing, near passing, and below passing)
Processing and handling fee: $75.00

Item-by-Item Review

You may request a detailed review of each examination item delivered. An item-by-item review is generally necessary if a candidate believes that they received outdated content or duplicate items. These reviews involve analysis of every exam item by a qualified staff member of the National Registry who is knowledgeable in the delivery of out-of-hospital care. When requesting an item-by-item review, you must specifically state the reason for the review. The review will include only those items relevant to your specific allegation. You will also receive a CBT Exam Scoring Confirmation Report included in this review
Processing and handling fee: $150.00